NNA LEGO Scavenge and Build

2023 Holiday Edition

Happy Holidays from the Norkirk Neighborhood Association (NNA)! We wish everyone a healthy and happy holiday season! We'd like to invite everyone to find, build, and share your LEGO creation from the NNA Holiday LEGO Hunt! LEGO ornaments will be placed on trees throughout the neighborhood starting 12/12.

Happy searching, if you find one, please feel free to take it home, build it, and share a picture of your build with us by sending an email to norkirk.na@gmail.com, and join the NNA listserv to receive future neighborhood events and happenings if you are not already on our list. We will post photos of everyone's builds on our website in the new year! We welcome anyone who would like to return the plastic ornament ball back to us so that we can continue to place more LEGO ornaments in the neighborhood. 


Good luck finding one surprise ornament around the Norkirk Neighborhood


Take it home and build, whether it's an ornament, a minifig, or an advent calendar build, we hope you enjoy the experience :-)


Send us (norkirk.na@gmail.com) a picture of your build!

Happy Holidays!!!