NNA Lego Scavenge and Build Extravaganza


Calling all Lego masters, enthusiasts, and/or novices! Whether you are passionate about Lego or just want to try out your luck with finding and building the set of Lego pieces hidden across the neighborhood, everyone in our community is welcome to participate in the first Norkirk Neighborhood Association (NNA) Lego Scavenge and Build Extravaganza!

We would love to have your participation in this event, have some fun, and share your creations with the community. We will showcase everyone’s work here once we have received everyone’s photos.

How it works

  • Various containers of Lego pieces will be hidden throughout the Norkirk neighborhood.

  • NNA members on our listserv will receive an email post with hints on where to look for these hidden Lego boxes.

  • Participants go out and find the hidden Lego boxes.

  • If you find a hidden container of the Lego pieces, take a photo of your find and send it to norkirk.na@gmail.com, please be sure to include the number that is shown on the box (see photo below).

  • Work your magic at building creations out of the Lego that you found and send a photo of your creation to norkirk.na@gmail.com. Please note that these photos will be shared on this site. Along with the photo(s) you send to us, we would also like to include the name of your choosing (it can be your team name, individual name(s), etc.) and age(s) of the creator(s). Feel free to stage your build, share a story, or a title for your Lego build.

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This event will kick off on Tuesday June 1st, 2021, which is also the start of season 2 of the Lego Masters TV show that many Lego fans enjoy watching. We hope our very own Norkirk Neighborhood Lego Scavenge and Build Extravaganza event will be as exciting as seeing the contestants on the show, and we look forward to seeing the creations that our very own community members create! Please go out and find the hidden Lego and be sure to send us the photos of what you build by June 30th, 2021.


Where are the Lego pieces from?

The Lego pieces were generously donated by Kirkland community and neighborhood members. As such, they are used, but they have been washed, sorted, and divided into random collections of Lego pieces to work from.

Can I keep the Lego pieces?

Yes, you are welcome to keep the Lego pieces that you found, built, and shared photos with the NNA (norkirk.na@gmail.com). If you’d like to return the Lego pieces to us, we’d welcome that, but it is definitely not required. For any Lego pieces we get back from community members, we can re-purpose them as we continue with this project.

How many sets can I go find and build?

We would like to have as many community members participate in this fun event as possible, as such, we ask each household to limit to one set per household as we kick this project off. If you have already found a set, please give others in the community a chance to find the hidden Lego pieces and share their build.

Why do I need to send you a photo of the set I find?

In order to keep track of which set of Lego pieces have been found, we ask that you send us a picture of your find along with the number shown on the box, so that we can have a clear idea of which sets have been discovered, which sets are still to be found, and whether additional sets of Lego pieces should be put out for community members to participate in this event.

Why do I need to send on the picture(s) of what I create?

One of the main goals of this event is to foster community engagement, as such, we would like to showcase the wonderful creations that our members make. We want to celebrate the uniqueness of each build and enable everyone in our community to enjoy the fruit of this Lego Scavenge and Build Extravaganza.

Can I add my own Lego to the build?

We'd like all build creations to be made with what you found in the box, as we want to challenge participants to create what they can out of the limited pieces that are included, it's part of the fun of this event as the Lego supplies are limited. However, if there are some pieces that you are lacking, please send an email to norkirk.na@gmail.com and we can see if we have the additional piece(s) that you are in need of.

Do I need to use all the pieces in the box for my build?

It is up to you on how you build your Lego creation, all the pieces are included with the hope for a wide range of possibilities in terms of build ideas. You are welcome to use all the pieces provided, or just a subset of what you found. The possibility is endless and you are in charge of how it is done! We hope you find joy in making the Lego build!